(Reg. No. 125 of 2011-2012) National level Non-governmental Organization (NGO) registered under the Societies Registration Act. (XXI of 1860) and as amended by Punjab Amendment Act. 1957 of India

Protecting the National Information Heritage, Financial Freedom, Privacy of the Individuals. Creating awareness in the field of Cyber Security to protect kids, students, youths, individuals, organizations etc. from the hacking attacks.

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Our Services

1. Removal of Fake Social Networking Profiles

With the increase in number of users on Social Networking websites, increase the number of Fake Registrations on the website as well for various reasons. If you or your friends/relative fake profile has been created on social networking site, you should report us and after that we will help in removing that fake profile permanently.

2. Free Anti Hacking & Cyber Security Workshops/Seminars in selected cities

Our aim is to make our country free from Cyber attacks. For this we have been running campaigns for this in various cities and also hold free seminars to create awareness among general public.

3. Latest Vulnerabilities and Exploits white papers.

We will bring out the detailed study about Latest Vulnerabilities and Exploits in order to spread awareness about them among the general system users as well experts too.

4. To organize an Open Hack-Conference every year in India.

We aim to organize an Open Hack Conference every year, where we will have an open discussion about Hacking and related type of attacks and issues. It will comprise of Experts from Internet Security Field.

5. Penetration Testing for both Government and Private Sector.

Penetration Testing for a Government Organization as well as few Private Sector companies will be done to give them detailed report about the vulnerabilities if any in there system.

6. Assisting Cyber Cell - India to control Cyber Crime

Helping our Country to be free from Cyber Crime, we will be in regular touch of Cyber Cell of different Cities in order to provide our full support in form of tutorials, workshops etc.

7. Solving Cyber Crime Related Cases.

To help the agencies in solving cases related with Cyber Crime from case to case basis is one of our priorities.

8. Training India First Anti Hacking Welfare Group

To build an army of people loving Anti hacking and provide there support for the nation.

9. Honouring security experts for informing us about the issue in Indian Websites.

To honour the people from field of Security who will give useful information of any kind in our aim of making a Cyber Crime free Country. All our services are offered Free of Cost, but we are open to receive donations, grants, aids from the Government and other instructions for Society growth.